Become a detective from the comfort of your own living room.  With our new mystery-in-a-box series you can join the ranks of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot by combing through witness reports, examining evidence, and eliminating suspects until you have closed the case!

Is this like an escape room in a box?  Not exactly.  The Deadbolt Mystery Society provides new mysteries periodically that will rely on your ability to solve puzzles and think critically just like our rooms do.  However, there are no time constraints.  You can do this in one sitting or break it up and do it a little at a time.  Also, the goal with our mystery boxes isn't to escape a room.  In our first box, The King of Hearts, your mission is to determine the identity of a kidnapper who calls himself The King of Hearts.   

Where can I buy one of these?  Our first box, The King of Hearts, is available at our Tupelo location.  Subsequent boxes will be made available in different ways (details to be announced soon).  

What happens if I get stuck on one of the puzzles in the box?  We have a hint page set up that will provide help if you find a puzzle that is too difficult to solve.  Details about how to navigate to the hint page are included inside the box.  

How much do these cost?  Each box is $25. 

What should I expect to find inside one of these boxes?  That is part of the fun.  With each new box, you won't know exactly what to expect.  Most boxes will contain evidence of some sort, interviews with suspects, puzzles that will reveal information about the case, reports that will uncover more about the story, and lots of other fun items that will help you ultimately solve the case.

Have a question that isn't answered here?  Send us an email at deadboltescaperooms at gmail dot com.