What is an escape room?  An escape room is a "locked" room experience where players attempt to solve a series of puzzles/riddles/brain teasers in order to "escape."

Am I really locked in?  Each room is a locked room scenario, but you aren't trapped.  All of our rooms have emergency exit options where players can come and go as needed.   However, the timer will continue to run.  

How long do I have in the room? Participants get 1 hour to solve all of the puzzles and "escape."   

How much are tickets at Deadbolt? $15.99/person

There are only two of us, but I see the room holds 8. Does that mean that other people will be in the room with us? Unless you book the full room (private event) there is a chance that another group will book into the room with you.  By choosing private event, you essentially book all of the slots in the room for your group.  

Do I have to make a reservation or can I just walk in? We strongly suggest booking your room in advance but don't require it.  In the event that all of our rooms are full, however, walk-ins will be unable to participate.

How do I make a reservation?  All of our rooms can be booked here.

I have a group of 8 but don't want to pay for everyone's ticket.  Do I have to use the online booking option?  We make concessions on an individual basis.  If you experience issues booking through the website contact us at deadboltescaperooms@gmail.com

I want to bring my group at a time that is outside of your regular operating hours.  Will you open up for private groups?  Yes, we open up routinely for groups that can't make it during our normal hours.  *The group must have at least 8 people to qualify for this.  

I own a business and would like to bring my employees to Deadbolt.  Do you work with businesses?  Absolutely! Our escape rooms encourage team building, leadership, and show how people work together to achieve common tasks.  We have worked with companies like AT&T, Verizon, Alfa Insurance, Cooper Tire, and many more.  

​Have a question that isn't answered here?  Message us on Facebook or send us an email to deadboltescaperooms@gmail.com