What is an escape room?

Are you a lover of puzzles? a fan of mystery? Or simply looking for something to replace the standard dinner & a movie?

If so, then one of our escape rooms might be for you!  in an escape room setting, a group of people is locked** in a room for a period of 60 minutes and tasked with solving a series of puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers in order to complete the room's mission before time runs out.    

For example:  In one of our past rooms, THe Black Rock Mystery, groups were locked in a wild west saloon and tasked with capturing 4 outlaws and locating the missing piece to a gold rush treasure map before a group of rival treasure hunters arrived and stole the map for themselves. 

so How does this work?  essentially, the group's ability to work as a team and their powers of observation determine their success...or failure.  clues are scattered throughout the room that will lead to various puzzles, provide combinations to locks that need to be opened, and direct the team toward their ultimate goal...which, in the case of the black rock mystery, was to locate the 4 outlaws by solving a series of locks and puzzles and ultimately uncover the missing piece to the treasure map.    

  **NOTE:  although the rooms are locked, you can easily leave at AT ANY TIme.  Also, deadbolt escape rooms isn't like a haunted house.  No one will be jumping out and trying to scare you!